Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tips For Your Success

Yes, it can be done! It takes some effort and lots of time but you can master Internet marketing skills. After a brief conversation today with a colleague, I mentioned that I am an Internet marketer and for the first time felt a sense of pride in doing so. I can now say we have reached a point where we can look back and say we've come a long way in Internet marketing.

After a few trial and errors I am now on my way to earning an income from all my efforts. If you are having a rough time getting off the block take a look at what you want to achieve. Is this worth it? If so,pursue it with great passion!

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Global Network Marketer

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Marketing Your Primary MLM Buisness Online

Many Internet marketing gurus have suggested that MLM business owners should first build relationships before introducing their primary MLM business to their contacts. While this may be a good approach to drive leads in your marketing system it can also be a bit deceptive as well as basically, your aim is to conduct business. I do agree however, that you can build a successful business from your "client" base which in the online business maybe your contacts in many forums.

When I first started my online marketing business I was so caught up in the various online products offered that I neglected my primary MLM business. However, I am now back on track but less focused on the marketing system. Marketing systems are great tools but converting sales to cash is a tremendous task.

Like most people I started with my company's replicated website and later learned that in order to generate sales I need to move traffic to the site through alternative methods.

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Why Not Everyone Can Do Internet Marketing

Some folks in the Internet business really don't get it when it comes to marketing. I believe that Internet marketing just like multi-level marketing will not be for everyone. Internet marketing is a skill to be honed and will take some time to be perfected. I will admit that I had to learn from my mistakes and I am still learning each day.

For instance, some people are blasting links to their websites without thought of what they are hoping to achieve. I am a user of one of the most popular Internet advertising sites which means I frequently receive email from a number of Internet marketers daily about some product or service.

I came to the conclusion that Internet marketing is definitely not for everyone. If you looking to make money think about the content you advertised on these sites. Check over you ads carefully and abstain from profanity in your subject lines whether these are symbols or not, just don't do it. It really irks me when I see the crap some people are sending out hoping to do business online. Why spend money with these sites if you continue to put out bad, crappy advertising?

I urge you to start thinking like a business person before hitting the send button on your computer. If you need help with marketing your business online enter your info in the box to the top right corner of my blog.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How Bad is the World Economy, Really?

Only today I was having a conversation with some of my colleagues about the financial crisis. As you may know some of the financial centres world wide are starting to feel the pressure of the recent economic downturn. I can say that it is being felt in the Caribbean where I currently reside in every single sector of the economy. You don't have to be an economist to figure out that something is happening with the world economy.

I think that world leaders should convene and disclose the true impact the world economic crisis is having on places particularly countries that were already considered "third world countries" or least wealthy. We get daily news about the US economy but what about other countries? How are they being affected? Why can't we hear what is happening elsewhere?

One thing weighing on my mind is how bad is it, really? Are world leaders telling us the truth? I think a lot of people are beginning to think that we are all being held hostage because of the demise of one major economic power. My view is that we cannot allow one economic power to have such control that the rest of the world suffers.

Saying it's bad daily cannot solve the current economic problem. I was pleasantly surprised that some companies in the US are starting to take charge e.g Intel plans to build at home thereby increasing employment and US Airways plans to bring jobs back home. This is just a drop in the bucket but it can be done elsewhere too. I strongly encourage other organisations to lead by example.


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